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Tire Wheel Rack Storage Holder Heavy Duty Garage Trolley 275Lb

Our standing 4 tires holder is designed to save you space. Features six universal wheels in the bottom, you can move the tires holder easily. Made of steel, this tire holder will be durable and sturdy. It is max weight capacity reach 275 lbs of totally 4 tires. With this item, you tires will not in a mess and take your space, and you tidy it up.
$75.95 $47.09

2 In 1 Foldable Mechanics Z Creeper Seat Rolling Chair Garage Work Stool 40"

This is our brand new 2 in 1 foldable creeper seat which is designed to be folded in a "z" shape for use as a mechanics seat or unfolded for use as a mechanics creeper. It will offer you the extra comfort while getting your job done with its thick padded bed. And the 6 rolling wheels will make it easy for you to get under the tight area. It can support up to 300 lbs. Capacity.
$99.99 $50.59

Mechanic Stool Chair for Repairs with Tray

This is our high density sponge cushion red leather cover seat. You will need it when you fix your motorcycle. High density sponge cushion red leather cover is comfortable and less tired when you are working with your motorcycle. There is a tray under the stool which is convenient for you to aim the tool you need. Four removable high quality wheels can be labor saving.
$49.95 $37.95

Carport Canopy 10 x 20 Steel Frame Portable Garage Cover Tent

This 10 x 20 ft outdoor car canopy features a water resistant heat-sealed polyethylene top. The six leg carport has 1-1/4-inch diameter legs that are powder coated to prevent rust. The carport offers all-purpose shade and storage and delivers the perfect seasonal shade solution for decks, patios or smaller coverage areas, including outdoor art shows, craft fairs, sporting events and flea markets.
$215.95 $179.49

7" Polisher Buffer Electric Variable Speed Car Waxer Sander

This brand new 7" electric polisher/buffer/sander/grinder will handle all of you every day needs, from the typical home/car owner to a collector.
$162.61 $70.59

1000lb Engine Cradle Stand Ford with Wheels Dolly Mover

Heavy duty steel construction, this cradle has a blue powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion.
$79.99 $47.89

10 Ton Hydraulic Frame Repair Kit

This industrial grade multi-purpose hydraulic power kit is used for a variety of autobody repairs, frame repairs and construction jobs.
$346.95 $204.09

Mechanic Under Car Creeper Adjustable - 6 Wheel

This oil and solvent resistant mechanics creeper easily clears the undercarriage of most vehicles with this low profile design. Its padded headrest is 3-way adjustable.
$132.58 $77.99

Air Grinder Polishing Tool

With the no-load speed of 10500 RPM and air consumption of 30 gal / min, you job will be perfectly done in seconds with this air grinder polishing tool.
$106.06 $62.39

Boat Trailer Double Roller Bow Support Set of 2 2' - 3'

These double roller bow supports have a sturdy steel frame and can be installed on your boat trailer to support the bottom part of the boat.
$132.58 $77.99

Boat Trailer Double Wheel Bow Support Set of 2 2' - 3'

These double wheel bow supports have a sturdy steel frame and can be installed on your boat trailer to support the bottom part of the boat.
$192.25 $113.09

Boat Trailer Solid Bar Bow Support Set of 2 2' - 2' 10"

These solid bar bow supports have a sturdy steel frame and can be installed on your boat trailer to support the bottom part of the boat.
$139.21 $81.89

Cable Puller 2200 lb with 2 Gears

This cable puller is suitable for farming, gardening, camping, boating, traveling and industrial use.
$59.65 $35.09

Cable Puller 4000 lb with 2 Gears

This cable puller is suitable for farming, gardening, camping, boating, traveling and industrial use.
$83.96 $49.39

12 pcs Glue Sticks for Car Body Dent Remover Gun

This 12 piece glue stick set is a great solution to repair your car's dents.
$28.71 $16.89

18 pcs Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

This radiator pressure tester kit is designed to check for leaks of the radiator cap and cooling system.
$137.00 $80.59

19 pcs Engine Timing Adjustment Locking Tool Kit

This professional quality 19 pcs locking tool kit comes in a convenient carry case for timing belt adjustment. The kit contains camshaft, crankshaft and flywheel locking tools that can be used for most engines.
$75.12 $44.19

20-Piece Wheel Bearing Tool Kit

Front wheel bearing removal tool. 20-piece tool kit in a hard plastic case. This set enables you to replace the wheel bearings of almost any car brand.
$117.11 $68.89

3.5" - 14.5" Spring Auto Car Coil Spring Compressor Clamp

This set of 2 auto car coil spring compressor clamps is ideal for both professionals and home users to safey remove coil springs.
$46.39 $27.29

3/8" Oil Drain Sump Plug Key Set

This comprehensive oil drain sump plug key set is complete with a 6.5" 3/8" sliding T-bar, 6 hex keys, 3 square keys and a storage case.
$46.39 $27.29

32 pcs Glue Puller Tabs Car Dent Removal Tool

These car dent tabs are indispensable for reparing dents and scratches.
$35.34 $20.79

32 Piece Car Body Penal Repair Dent Puller Remover Tool Kit

This car dent removal kit is used to remove the dents from your car without damaging the paint finish.
$161.31 $94.89

3-in-1 Ball Joint U Joint C-Frame Press Service Kit

The tools in this set will press in, or out, most sizes of press-fit ball joints. Plus, the C-frame press can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints.
$119.32 $70.19

3-Piece Exhaust Muffler Tail Pipe Expander 1 1/8" to 3 1/2"

This exhaust muffler tail pipe expander is designed to quickly and easily straighten out clamp dents in mufflers and tailpipes. This tool is made of drop forged steel.
$57.44 $33.79

4 pcs Track Rod End Remover and Installer Tool Set

This track rod end remover and installer tool set is used for the quick and easy replacement of the inner steering ball joint without the need for dismantling the steering rack.
$167.94 $98.79

4-in-1 Ball Joint U-Joint C-Frame Press Service Kit

This ball joint tool kit is designed to remove and install press fit parts, such as ball joints, universal joints and truck anchor pins without makeshift techniques. It is also ideal to take out rusted and corroded parts.
$137.00 $80.59

Tool Set Nut Splitter Cracker Remover Extractor - 4 pc

This 4pc nut splitter set is professional for commercial or occasional use and is designed to remove stubborn / stuck nuts.
$77.33 $45.49

5-Piece Inner Bearing Puller Set

This blind inner bearing puller set has a split collet with an internal puller which is suitable for extracting bearings from blind housings.
$68.49 $40.29

Diesel Injector Cutter Set Tool Set Remover - 7 pcs

These professional tools are for commercial or occasional use, and suitable for a wide range of diesel vehicles.
$66.28 $38.99

Auto Socket Kit Remove Install Wrench Lamda Sensor Tool Set - 7 pcs

This 7-piece Lamda sensor tool set can be used on Lambda oxygen sensors on most modern cars. Suitable for removal or replacement of heated and non-heated oxygen sensors. This sensor tool set comes with its own carrying and storage molded case.
$81.75 $48.09

Lube Accessory Kit Grease Gun Hose Needle Lubrication - 7 pcs

The kit comes with a 90 degree lube tube, straight extension, 1' 4" hose extension, slide-on 90 degree coupler, rubber tipped nozzle, needle nozzle and a 360 degree coupler. These are the most popular attachments used for lubing equipment and vehicles.
$72.91 $42.89

Drum Brake Service Tool Kit/Spring Installer and Remover - 8pcs

This comprehensive drum brake service tool set, consisting of 8 pieces, will be ideal for enhancing your vehicles’ braking performance. This kit contains the most popular brake tools for servicing drum brakes.
$72.91 $42.89

Mechanic Tool Set Blind Hole Bearing Puller - 9 pcs

This blind hole bearing puller tool set will be ideal for car maintenance tasks requiring an internal puller, such as the removal of pilot bearings.
$108.27 $63.69

Dent Repair Removal Tool PDR Tap Down Tool - 9 pcs

This tap down set, with 1 repair pen and 8 heads, contains essential tools for paintless dent removal (PDR).
$46.39 $27.29

9-Piece Compression Test Kit Gasoline Engine

This compression tester set allows you to check the condition of your engine. The 9-piece set is suitable for gas engines.
$48.60 $28.59

Adjustable Mechanic Rolling Seat Stool Garage Shop Stool Round

This mechanic stool/work seat stool is manufactured from quality steel frame. Its adjustable seat has a lever to adjust to your desired height.
$88.38 $51.99

Car Body Dent Puller Lifter Removal Tool

This high-quality car dent lifter is an indispensable tool for car dent repair.
$53.02 $31.19

ATV Motorcycle Lift 1500 lb

This heavy duty ATV motorcycle lift is a must have for motorcycle maintenance and repair. You can lift up to 1500 pounds on the salver table with ease using the foot pad. The height is adjustable from 5.5 to 17.3 inches. Most importantly, it is safe to use.
$280.65 $165.09

Automotive Diesel Gas Engine Cylinder Compression Leakdown Tester Gauge Tool Kit

This pressure loss tester kit is perfect for testing the tightness of individual cylinders of diesel and gasoline engines, ensuring you a rapid detection of engine damage, such as leaks in piston rings, valves and cylinder head gaskets.
$132.58 $77.99

Ball Joint Separator 0.7", 0.9", 1.1" for Auto Services

This heavy duty ball joint separator kit is designed for use at garages and workshops and is compatible with various types of vehicles.
$72.91 $42.89

Ball Joint Separator Kit 2 pcs

This set of ball joint separators is designed for quick and easy separation of ball joint connections of most cars and light trucks.
$59.65 $35.09

Bearing Splitter and Gear Puller Set

This bearing separator and puller set is designed for removing bearings on your car. Included in the set is a forcing screw with bearing splitters which may be used separately or in combination with other pullers or tools.
$92.80 $54.59

Car Body Panel Repair Dent Removal Car Tool

This car dent removal kit effectively removes dents from your car without damaging the paint finish.
$72.91 $42.89

Car Transport Dolly 2pcs

This set of 2 car transport trolley has a maximum load capacity of up to 1980lb, or 990lb/piece.
$170.15 $100.09

Cooling System & Radiator Cap Pressure Test

This 14-piece test kit for radiator pressure and universal cooling is suitable for almost any type of car and comes with a hard plastic carrying case.
$156.89 $92.29

Custom Built Bush / Bearing / Seal Driver Master Set Discs 51 pcs

This master set allows you to build your own custom bushing driver. It has every size you will ever need for most vehicles. Just select the required sizes and assemble your driver tool.
$254.13 $149.49

Dual Trumpet Air Horn Train w/Solenoid 12V/24V

This Dual Trumpet Air Horn is easy to install on any 12V/24V vehicle. It produces a high powered sound reaching up to 118dB.
$50.81 $29.89

Dual Trumpet Air Horn With Compressor

This Dual Trumpet Air Horn is easy to install on any of your 12V Vehicle. It will product high powered sound of 115dB.
$75.12 $44.19

Electric Bull Horn for 12 V Vehicles

This Electric Bull Horn is easy to install on any 12 V vehicle, cars, trucks, boats, etc.
$70.70 $41.59

Flaring Tool Kit Set Tube Bender Pipe Repair With Case

This high-quality flaring tool knit with a tube bender contains all of the tools that you need to make fuel and brake pipe repairs. The set, along with the tube bender, features steel body and chrome plated finish for rust resistance.
$86.17 $50.69