For work or for home upkeep, our tools give any handy-person the equipment to get the job done.

Our commitment to home improvement and variety is shown in our line of professional ladder and cabinetry, which can be perfect for the home remodel. If Home Security is your top priority, we also have Gun safes and Personal Safes to create a secure home. We also offer security options with digital safes for general or gun protection, with fire protection and coded system.

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20-Piece Wheel Bearing Tool Kit

Front wheel bearing removal tool. 20-piece tool kit in a hard plastic case. This set enables you to replace the wheel bearings of almost any car brand.
$161.96 $87.95

22 pcs Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool Kit

Brake disc caliper wind back tool set compatible with most popular car brands. This 22-piece set consists of two reaction plates, two pullers and seventeen adaptors.
$74.15 $29.95

4" Bench Vise with Clamp

This 4" vise is the best quality bench vise for DIY jobs.
$99.95 $50.99

Air and Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 Ton

Our 20 Ton Low Profile Air/Hydraulic Jack, Which Can Easily Handle Lift Jobs Up To 20 Ton. An Ideal Choice for Automotive, Heavy Duty Truck Repair, Moving Machinery and Heavy Equipment and A Variety Of Maintenance Applications.
$269.95 $130.59

Air Hydraulic Floor Shop Press H Type 20 Ton

This 20-Ton Shop Press is perfect for the garage or shop and is designed to meet professional standards. It can be quickly adjusted into 8 positions.
$2,469.73 $1,046.99

Automotive Slide Hammer Dent Puller Auto Body Repair Tool Kit

This set has an extensive range of professional parts for auto body work. This heavy duty slide hammer dent puller can be used for industrial use or just as a do-it-yourself tool.
$194.96 $65.99

Brake Caliper Piston Wind Back Tool Kit

This brake caliper wind back tool kit is widely compatible with many car brands. It provides quick and efficient brake servicing when you want to replace your brake pads.
$179.95 $69.99

Camshaft Alignment Engine Timing Tool for Volvo

This camshaft alignment engine timing tool set for Volvo covers a comprehensive set, enabling the correct camshaft timing to be performed on Volvo engines when replacing the timing belt.
$104.77 $72.95

Carburetor Vacuum Synchronizer Gauges Tool Kit

This carburetor vacuum synchronizer gauges tool kit is an ideal choice for carburetor synchronization.
$128.87 $67.95

Compression Test Kit Gasoline Engine

This compression tester gauge set allows you to check the condition of your gas engine.
$85.55 $24.99

Compression Test Kit Gasoline Engine

This compression tester set allows you to check the condition of your engine. The 9-piece set is suitable for gas engines.
$99.99 $29.99

Diesel Engine Timing Locking Tools Kit Set for Chrysler LDV 2.5 / 2.8

This timing tool set for Chrysler and LDV Maxus is designed to time 2.5 / 2.8 CRD belt drive engines.
$70.88 $39.95

Drum Brake Service Tool Kit/Spring Installer and Remover - 8pcs

This comprehensive drum brake service tool set, consisting of 8 pieces, will be ideal for enhancing your vehicles’ braking performance. This kit contains the most popular brake tools for servicing drum brakes.
$99.99 $38.95

Drywall Sander

This is our brand new and portable drywall sander which is designed for sanding walls and ceilings. It provides a superior finish and will get the job done faster, with less effort and with better results than ever before. All in the comfort of a more dust free work environment. And it is lightweight and easy to operate.
$215.96 $139.95

Duratorq Chain Engine Setting Locking and Injection Pump Tool Set

This comprehensive tool kit is used for timing 2.0/2.2 and 2.4 Duratorq chain driven diesel engines.
$88.95 $37.95

Electric Wire Cable Hoist Winch Crane 1320 Lbs

This is our 1320 lbs. Mini electric wire hoist which is perfect for general maintenance lifting & engine repair.
$289.95 $199.95

Engine and Oil Pressure Test Tool Kit

This engine and oil pressure test tool kit is designed to diagnose worn oil pumps and engines, faulty oil pressure switches and pressure warning indicators.
$99.95 $39.99

Engine Timing Adjusting Camshaft Timing Belt Tool Kit for VW Audi Lock

This setting and tool kit for VW and Audi’s is also suitable for identical engines like Ford and Volvo. It is also suitable for several gasoline engines (see further properties).
$212.41 $76.99

Engine Timing Locking Tool Set for BMW N20 N26

This professional grade engine camshaft timing locking tool for BMW N20/N26 4 cylinder turbo engines is ideal for checking and adjusting the engine timing when replacing the timing belt.
$171.12 $86.95

Engine Timing Replacement Tool Set Camshaft for Opel Astra

This engine timing tool set of 7 pcs with tool box is designed for a long life in daily garage or workshop use. It enables the correct timing to be made when replacing the timing belt.
$73.07 $29.99

Fiat Timing Kit Set Tool 1.2 16V Twin Cam Petrol Engine

This timing kit contains the timing tools required to cover the belt replacement procedure for both the early and later variants of engines. It is applicable for Fiat Punto, Brava, Bravo and Stilo.
$89.11 $36.95

Folding Shop Crane Engine Motor Lift 2 Ton

This collapsible shop crane, made of high quality steel, is used to lift engines or move heavy loads in your work space.
$749.95 $679.99

Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal and Installation Tool Kit with Case

This wheel bearing removal and installation tool set is a practical tool kit for disassembly and assembly of the wheel hub and wheel bearings.
$320.35 $95.95

Front Wheel Hub Bearing Tool Kit 3.1" Ford Mazda Volvo - 14 pcs

This heavy-duty wheel hub bearing tool set, consisting of 14 pieces, facilitates the assembly and disassembly of front wheel hub-bearing unit. This tool kit is predominantly suitable for certain models of Ford, Mazda and Volvo.
$301.79 $217.95