For work or for home upkeep, our tools give any handy-person the equipment to get the job done.

Our commitment to home improvement and variety is shown in our line of professional ladder and cabinetry, which can be perfect for the home remodel. If Home Security is your top priority, we also have Gun safes and Personal Safes to create a secure home. We also offer security options with digital safes for general or gun protection, with fire protection and coded system.

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Mercedes Benz Coil Spring Compressor Telescopic Repair Tool Kit Clamps - 5 pcs

This 5 pcs spring compressor tool kit is suitable for Mercedes Benz vehicles with front and rear axle as well as a variety of other car models.
$149.33 $87.84

Oxygen Sensor & Thread Chaser Set Wrench Vacuum Tool Kit for VW, Audi

This 5 pcs Oxygen Sensor & Thread Chaser Set with tool box is designed for years of use in your garage or workshop.
$34.76 $20.45

Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Kit BMW N40/N45/N45T Chain Drive

This is a comprehensive tool kit for setting and adjusting the timing on 1.6 BMW N40, N45, N45T petrol engines and for aligning the Vanos units on the inlet and exhaust camshafts. All tools included are of highest quality and designed for long life in daily workshop use.
$65.45 $38.50

Self-Adjusting Clutch Alignment Setting Tool Kit - 38 pcs

This high-quality clutch alignment tool is used to center the clutch disc perfectly under the pressure plate. The set is suitable for professional use.
$145.24 $85.43

Stainless Steel 6.5 L Liter Industry Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Heater w/Timer

This brand new 6.5 liter stainless steel digital ultrasonic cleaner is more convenient and efficient than hand wash, steam cleaners, high pressure water jet cleaning or other machines. And this advanced brushed stainless steel cleaning tank can avoid corrosion water stain and keep the tank looking always new.
$289.79 $205.54

Suspension Ball Joint Tool Kit for BMW 3 Series

This suspension ball joint tool set is specifically designed for the removal and installation of ball joints on BMW 3 Series.
$118.64 $69.79

Timing Chain Change Engine Camshaft Tool Kit Set for BMW Mini Cooper S W10 W11

With this engine timing tool kit for BMW Mini Cooper and Cooper S, the removal and replacement of the timing chain and other engine repairs can be easily and safely carried out.
$81.25 $47.80

Timing Chain Engine Camshaft Alignment 10 pcs BMW Mini Cooper R55 R56

This engine timing tool set for Mini One, Cooper is designed for professional engine repairs.
$105.53 $62.07

Universal Car Twin Camshaft Locking Tool Set Cam Engine Timing Sprocket Gear Kit

This twin camshaft locking tool kit is used to lock the camshaft wheels, for precise replacement of the timing belt. It is an indispensable workshop tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
$51.12 $30.07

Wheel Hub Bearing Tool Kit 2.4" for VAG - 16 pcs

This heavy-duty wheel hub bearing tool set, consisting of 16 pieces, facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the wheel hub bearing unit. This tool kit is predominantly suitable for models in the VAG Group with GEN2 bearings.
$128.87 $75.81