For work or for home upkeep, our tools give any handy-person the equipment to get the job done.

Our commitment to home improvement and variety is shown in our line of professional ladder and cabinetry, which can be perfect for the home remodel. If Home Security is your top priority, we also have Gun safes and Personal Safes to create a secure home. We also offer security options with digital safes for general or gun protection, with fire protection and coded system.

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1200lb Heavy Duty Hand Crank Boat ATV Trailer Winch with Hook

This high-quality hand winch is easy to mount and ideal for mobile use on pickup trucks and trailers.
$57.67 $33.92

Harmonic Balance Puller Set 45 pcs

This harmonic balance puller set is designed for removing harmonic balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels and flywheels.
$56.62 $33.31

Hand Squeeze Flexible Wire Hose Clamp Plier Cable Fuel Oil

This hose plier is intended for the removal and replacement of metal or plastic self-tightening hose in some confined places.
$40.77 $23.98

Auto Tool Long Gripper Cable Hose Clamp Plier Remover Set

This hose clamp plier set has in total 7 different pliers which allows for extra reach and locking of clamps into open position. Included in this set is a screw driver with interchangeable handles and a hose remover with special hooks.
$114.41 $67.30

Hydraulic Ram Thread Hydraulic Hub Puller Spindle - 10 Ton

This high quality hydraulic ram is ideal for pulling hubs, flanges, gears and bearings.
$81.94 $48.20

Hydraulic Wheel Hub Puller with Hammer Set - 10 Ton

This set includes accessories for pulling flange to operate with impact hammer and for removing wheel hubs. With a maximum capacity of 10 ton, the hydraulic spindle is well adapted to meet the requirements for vehicle rescue.
$223.96 $131.74

Engine Timing Adjusting Camshaft Timing Belt Tool Kit for VW Audi Lock

This setting and tool kit for VW and Audi’s is also suitable for identical engines like Ford and Volvo. It is also suitable for several gasoline engines (see further properties).
$123.74 $72.79

MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor Kit

This professional spring compressor is designed for compatibility with nearly all MacPherson struts.
$243.38 $143.16

Wired Mesh Tetragon 82'

This wired mesh net has a measurement of 3' x 82'. The material can easily be cut with simple cutting tools to the correct dimensions in length and width.
$135.09 $79.46

Wired Mesh Hexagon 82'

This wired mesh net has a measurement of 3' x 82'. The material can easily be cut with simple cutting tools to the correct dimensions in length and width.
$114.05 $67.09

Mini Air Pressure Eccentric Grinder

This high-quality air pressurized mini eccentric grinder and cutter tool has a 2" grinding plate with Velcro seat. It is suitable for small repair work.
$63.00 $37.06

Adjustable Miter Saw Stand Heavy Duty

This miter saw stand fits most miter saws and is easy to handle.
$253.99 $149.41

Auto Engine Vacuum Cooling System Coolant Radiator Kit Refill & Purge Tool

This cooling system vacuum purge and refill kit has a universal design and is suitable for almost all common vehicles.
$138.49 $81.47

9 Ways Steel Slide Hammer Axe/Bearing/ Dent/Hub/Gear Puller Set - 17 pcs

This nine ways slide hammer puller set is designed for pulling flange-type rear axles and front-wheel drive hubs.
$180.36 $106.09

Oil Drain Plug Sump Damaged Thread Repair Kit 64 pcs M13 M15 M17 M20

This superb oil drain plug repair kit consisting of 4 taps, 20 oil drain plugs and 40 aluminum washers supplied in a blow-molded case is great for repairing sump, gearbox and differential plug threads.
$75.02 $44.13

PDR Line Board Dent Reflector Auto Car Dent Repair Removal

This line board is an indispensable tool for paintless dent removal (PDR).
$43.60 $25.65

Oxygen Sensor & Thread Chaser Set Wrench Vacuum Tool Kit for VW, Audi

This 5 pcs Oxygen Sensor & Thread Chaser Set with tool box is designed for years of use in your garage or workshop.
$46.41 $27.30

Pneumatic Air Belt Sander with 3 pcs Belts

This pneumatic sander featuring light weight, high safety, high efficiency and convenient application, is perfect for grinding in hard-to-reach areas as well as knocking welding slag, welding joints and rough edges.
$83.49 $49.11

Pneumatic Air Belt Sander with 33 Belts

This pneumatic sander, equipped with 33 belts, featuring light weight, high safety, high efficiency and convenient application, is perfect for grinding in hard-to-reach areas as well as knocking welding slag, welding joints and rough edges.
$119.24 $70.14

Pneumatic Air Cut Off Tool Grinder Cutter

With our air cut off tool, which is well equipped with up to 3" thick rotating disc with 20000 RPM no-load speed, your work will well be done in a twinkle of an eye.
$52.57 $30.93

Pneumatic Air Suction Dent Puller for Auto Body Repair

This pneumatic dent puller removes dents from your car without damaging the paint finish.
$165.15 $97.15

Pneumatic Air Tool Grinder Set

Our pneumatic grinder set is an ideal tool to produce a clean surface finish on all metalwork.
$60.59 $35.64

Pneumatic Grease Injector 3 Gallon

This pneumatic grease injector is a must-have equipment for lubrication in automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, chemical industry, etc.
$234.93 $138.19

Pneumatic Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank 20 Gallon Air Operated

This oil drain tank / oil receiver is designed to provide a safe, affordable option for draining, transferring and evacuating motor oil, as well as transmission and power steering fluids quickly.
$338.15 $198.91

Pneumatic Air Planishing Hammer

This high projection pneumatic planishing hammer with foot operation is a metalworking technique that involves finely shaping and smoothing sheet metal by hammering it against a shaped surface.
$297.98 $175.28

Portable Air Sand Blaster Kit with Sandblasting Gun and Hose

This air sandblaster, working with glass beads, sand and aluminum oxide powder, is ideal for removing paint, rust, dirt and burrs from almost any surface, such as brick stone or walls, metals, cars, especially car wheels.
$87.20 $51.30

Pro Cylinder Head Service Valve Spring Compressor Removal Installer Tool Kit

This complete service tool kit is ideal to remove and install the valve spring with the cylinder head still on the engine and in the car, or with the cylinder head removed.
$101.72 $59.84

Professional Waterproof Coil Metal Detector Search Depth Up to 79" Gold Digger Hunter

This advanced metal detector is perfect for searching metal objects on the beach, in the garden, on the floor, in the shallow water, and even up on the ceiling.
$145.20 $85.41

Professional Motorcycle Tire Changer Red

This portable red tire changer makes it possible to change your tires at home with a simple operation and a compact design.
$100.91 $59.36

Motorcycle Wheel Balancing Stand Tire Truing Stand - Red

This motorcycle wheel balancing stand is perfect for truing or balancing a wheel with professional design and easy operation.
$105.65 $62.15

Universal Press & Press Pull Sleeve Kit Bush Bearing Removal Insertion Tool Set - 27pc

This Professional pull and press sleeve kit set with 5 pulling spindles is perfect for removal and installation of bushes, bearings and seals.
$221.27 $130.16

Foldable Metal Moving Dolly Cart Truck Trolley Hand Cart - Red and Black

This versatile platform cart, made of rust-resistant steel, is easy to operate and will come in handy in various situations.
$143.97 $84.69

300 lb Motorcycle Lift with Foot Pad, Locking Bar, Release Valve - Red

This robust motorcycle lift is a must have for maintenance and repair on motorcycles. The height is adjustable from 13.8 to 34.3 inches. You can raise up to 300 pounds on the lift table by the foot pad with ease. Most importantly, it is safe to use.
$269.13 $158.31

Outdoor Garden Scythe with Grinding Stone Steel Blade Farm Grass - 4' 7"

This ergonomic scythe is ideal for cutting grass and weeds for a tidy garden, and it is great for cutting crops and undergrowth.
$130.66 $76.86

1100 Lbs Transmission Jack Foot Operated Pedal for Auto Car Lift

Our high quality transmission jack features a foot-operated pedal and an 1100lb lifting capacity.
$250.09 $147.11

110 Lbs Transmission Jack Adaptor Transform Auto Floor Jack

This high quality transmission jack adapter is ideal for any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal.
$124.71 $73.36

Tool Holder Pegboard Organizer Storage Kit with 18 Hooks

This large metal pegboard unit contains 3 individual panels with pre-drilled holes. It also comes with 18 double hooks.
$96.41 $56.71

Workshop Welding Cart Organizer with 3 Shelves - Black

This 4-wheel welding cart, with 3 robust shelves, gives you a place to carry your welding equipment and accessories, etc.
$102.27 $60.16

Universal Axles Slide Hammer Puller Set

This universal sliding hammer puller kit is great for general automotive work like pulling hubs, axles, bearings and lots more.
$165.29 $97.23

Universal Pulley Holder & Fan Clutch Set

This universal pulley and fan clutch holder set is used for removing and installing the fan clutch and rotating or restraining the camshaft pulley on most engines.
$75.95 $44.67

120DB Super Loud Single Trumpet Air Horn Kit Including 12V Compressor for Truck Boat Van Train

This Single Trumpet Air Horn is a perfect replacement or addition to any car horn. It is easy to install on any 12V vehicle, cars, trucks, boats, etc.
$48.81 $28.71

Mercedes Benz Coil Spring Compressor Telescopic Repair Tool Kit Clamps - 5 pcs

This 5 pcs spring compressor tool kit is suitable for Mercedes Benz vehicles with front and rear axle as well as a variety of other car models.
$195.47 $114.98

Thread Repair & Workshop Kit Auto Garage Tool M5 M6 M8 M10 M12

This thread repair kit contains 131 pieces of tools, ideal for both hobbyists and professionals.
$79.54 $46.79

Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal and Installation Tool Kit with Case

This wheel bearing removal and installation tool set is a practical tool kit for disassembly and assembly of the wheel hub and wheel bearings.
$199.25 $117.21

Automotive Slide Hammer Dent Puller Auto Body Repair Tool Kit with Case

This set has an extensive range of professional parts for auto body work. This heavy duty slide hammer dent puller can be used for industrial use or just as a do-it-yourself tool.
$102.63 $60.37

Timing Chain Engine Camshaft Alignment 10 pcs BMW Mini Cooper R55 R56

This engine timing tool set for Mini One, Cooper is designed for professional engine repairs.
$130.28 $76.64

Auto Car Drive Cam Belt Timing Tensioning Gauge Belt Test Tool

This tensioning gauge can be used to adjust the tension on the Cambelt where the movement of the timing belt is measured by load (daN) (1daN = 10N). Suitable for belts of various widths.
$49.62 $29.19

Auto Tool Steering Rack Knuckle Tie Rod Track Rod End Remover & Installer 1.4" - 1.8"

This track rod end remover is ideal to remove and install an inner tie rod without removing the rack from a car.
$68.95 $40.56

Outdoor Patio Log Timber Tree Lifter with ABS Handle

This tree lifter is used to let trees fall in the appropriate direction when they are being cut down.
$68.92 $40.54

Portable Picker Truck Pick-up Crane with Cable & Winch 1984 Ton Lift

This pickup crane with cable winch can easily be mounted on your vehicle, this provides for easy loading and unloading. With this pick up crane you will be able to safely transport goods and object
$626.63 $368.61