Ultrasonic Scram Patrol Repeller

This innovative Scram Patrol sonic animal chaser, with laser light sighting, safely repels nuisance animals with a push of the button. Effectively and humanely targets and repels cats, dogs, squirrels and more, up to 20 feet away, without harm, detection or disturbance to neighbors.
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Ultrasonic Scram Patrol Repeller

☛ Item Specification

  • Power supply:1*9v battery(not included)
  • Output: 9V DC
  • Working Current: ≤100ma
  • Effective Range: up to 20 feet(6M)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 25KHZ

WARNING: DO NOT point laser light directly into the eyes, it will cause serious damage to the eyes!

☛ Features

  • Combined laser and sonic pulsed sound
  • Repels garden pests at the press of a trigger
  • Effective up to 80 meters

☛ Battery placement

  • Always use a 9 volt Alkaline battery. Your unit will not be effective unless you use an Alkaline battery.
  • 1.Slide the battery compartment lid away from the unit.
  • 2.Connect your 9 volt Alkaline battery onto the proper terminal heads. Slide the battery compartment lid
  • back onto unit.
  • 3.If the red light located on the top comes on stays on when depressing the "start" button the unit is
  • functioning properly. If the red light does not come on, change the battery.

☛ Instructions
To Repel Dogs: Press the laser light button on the side top and point directly at the dog, then press the "start" button for a few seconds. The ultrasonic sound should discourage the dog from approaching. Press "start" button for a longer period if necessary. Please note that the prime operating range is 5 to 6 feet.

For Use a Pet Trainer:
1. Point the Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser directly at the dog or cat from a distance of approximately 5 to 6 feet away (effective up to approximately 20 feet).
2. Give the verbal command, then immediately press the button for one to two seconds.
3. Repeat steps one and two until your pet responds to your command.

Use the Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser to help emphasize verbal commands such as: Heel, Sit, Stay, Quiet, Get down, etc.

☛ Important Tips & Warning

  • The Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser will get an immediate response from most dogs and cats.
  • Other may require repeated reinforcement.
  • Always provide positive reinforcement when training a dog or cat along with the use of the Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser.
  • Never go near an animal that seems dangerous.
  • The Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser will discourage most dogs and cats, but may not be effective in all situations.
  • Use good judgment when approaching animals, taking care not to surprise them.


  • 1. Do not touch the screened area on the front. Denting or damaging of this area may cause the unit to malfunction.
  • 2. Do not use on other animals or any use that is not recommended.
  • 3. Should not be used on humans or within one foot range of a pet.
  • 4. Use caution when dealing with potentially dangerous animals.
  • 5. Keep the Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser away from children.
  • 6. Do not point laser light directly into the eyes, it will cause serious damage to the eyes!

All batteries used must not be of the same type. Do not mix alkaline, standard (Carbon-Zinc) or rechargeable (Cadmium) batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries.

☛ Package included

  • 1 x Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser

Note:  Battery is not included

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